To-Be-Connected Nigeria is a project and business platform that aims to mobilize the talents, innovations, research and creativity of Nigerians for collaboration and commercialization with the local and global industry. The present day world relies on an economy that enjoys a symbiotic relationship between the town and the gown.

In Nigeria, research development and talent promotion remain a mirage. The traditional convention of institutions to institutions linkages by silo structures within government agencies in the country led to a major gap that hinders research and innovations from thriving .

To- Be-Connected Nigeria and it’s African partners will break these barriers comprehensively by connecting individuals to institutions and vice versa.

The general perception in Nigeria is that viable innovations only come from academic institutions and knowledge repositories. The world’s greatest technology founders; Micheal Dell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, etc dropped out of college to pursue the crystallization of their burning ideas. To-Be- Connected Nigeria will promote research assets from within and outside the academic sphere.

Apart from research and innovation, To-Be-Connected will provide physical and virtual platforms. These will facilitate linkages for athletes, creative artists, authors, breakthrough in medicine, software development, energy etc. This initiative will also trigger peer review of successful projects and enable cross exchange of competencies from within and outside the country for commercialization. Academic pursuits and other potentials will be designed to target the needs and requirements of industry(s), thus creating employment and economic opportunities for generally the younger generation.

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